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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Forget all of the expectations, the excuses & limiting beliefs. I let my self-doubt keep be from writing for far too long. I would have a thought & jot it down in my phone or in a random note book only for it to be forgotten about. I stop writing because I feel scattered and inconsistent. I stop writing because I am overly critical of myself. I stop writing because I don’t like the layout I’ve chosen or the font that I used. I stop writing because I don’t feel prepared enough.

I stop because I’m not perfect.

Well, today I stop here. I stop with the excuses, expectations & criticism of myself.

Today, I write.

Initially I started blogging as an outlet. It was a place to keep my thoughts that I wanted to document, but not necessarily share with the world.

I love social media, but I don’t love sharing all of the details of my life with everyone on Facebook.

Somehow blogging felt different for me so I ran with it.

I have hundreds of notebooks that have random journal entries, but I kept misplacing them & in return – have hundreds of notebooks floating around. Some contain my moon phase entries, grocery lists & to-do lists from months before. It’s pure chaos.

Lets hope this blog appears more organized.

Through deciding to share my inner world with the outside world I hope to inspire someone. Whether you find courage and inspiration to write, courage to share your story or find hope that even though you've been through the ringer throughout your life you are strong enough to continue. Maybe you're a single mom & wonder how I run my businesses, make time for my kids, afford to travel or ever make time for myself. My hope is that the words I write make a difference. And if they don't make a difference for anyone but me then that is enough. Write for YOU. Explore for YOU. Dance for YOU. Create for YOU. Because YOU deserve it. <3 xoxo barefootbrinlie

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