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Thank you for being here. I am excited to share some of the most magical parts of myself with you. My hope is that you feel love, nutured, and supported on your journey; whether it's through a breathwork class, a crystal, a DM  or through one of my Ebooks or courses. Even if you're just here to experience the energy within it all, I am grateful that you're here. 

I value creating a safe space. 🖤 


A bit about me - I have been self employed since I was 21 (2014). This is the year I also became a reiki master. I no longer offer ‘reiki sessions’, but I incorporate it in everything I do. In 2022 I found a love for breathwork after attending my first holotropic breathwork session. I immediately decided to get certified. In 2023 I began offering 1:1 breathwork sessions as well as group sessions. 

I am always looking for more venues & would love to collaborate so if you have a shop- reach out🫶🏼 


I am a mom of 2 & have been a daycare provider for since 2016. I have most definitely fulfilled my childhood dream of working with children. Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to grow up & create a safe place for children. 

My dream is to work with teens. ♥️ My own teen is my inspiration for this one. 


Motherhood Is my favorite role & I love sharing little moments over on my insta @barefootbrinlie. 

Come say Hi! 


Love always, 

Barefoot Brinlie



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