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Wishing on weeds

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I have videos & pictures of Nixxon making wishes on these magical weeds since he was 3 years old 🌱 

He wishes the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. “I wish I could see my dad”. It’s not that his dad isn’t around - he lives within 15 minutes. In fact, He passes our house on multiple occasions.

It’s not that he doesn’t see him. He sees him every 2-4 months give or take. 🗓 

It’s that Nixx feels forgotten. I’ve talked to him about this many many times. 

The questions I can’t answer — “why does dad only come if I call him?” “Why don’t I go with my dad more?” “Why doesn’t dad do the things he says he will?” And he often times makes comments such as “I’ll believe it when I see it “ “it probably won’t happen “ etc .. I don't write this in spite of anyone and my intention is never to hurt someone. However, this is my child’s story right now .

 It’s something I’ve hardly shared. Out of the fear of upsetting someone or hurting feelings I’ve put my sons story on the back burner. 

He is an 8 year old boy that doesn’t have a dad to look up to. Not as a positive role model at least. 

And that’s more than unfortunate. 

The photos I share of him and his dad are taken each time he sees him. I’m sure to document the moments for Nixx. 

His dad isn’t a bad person. In fact he is a really great person with shitty priorities. 

From a young age I knew I’d be a single mom, I knew I’d have a little boy & the world would be handed to me. And boy has it been handed to me. 😅

I made a promise to myself & my child years ago - I would never lie to him. And I don’t. 

I also don’t talk crap on his dad. I grew up with that behavior and it’s extremely unhealthy & serves nobody. It only hurts the child. 

Parents, our children are our messengers. If your child is fearful of you, intimidated by you, untrusting of you, etc... that’s an opportunity for us to take a look at ourselves. Not blame our children for their feelings.

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