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Today is just a hard day

What is this .. day 4 of the gym ? I think so. 🤷‍♀️

Today is a hard day. 🖤

Being a single mom is something that I can typically handle with love, care and grace... but not today.

Today I feel defeated. That’s just the name of the game. Not just for single moms, but life in general. Some days are shit. 💩

Today I woke up with every area that I’m not Doing enough on my mind. This is both bitter and sweet. 🌦 Bitter because the feeling sucks. Sweet because I can now do something about it & move forward. Areas I feel like I’m failing- My coaching program, my businesses, my self care, my friendships, my writing, my sleep routine, my diet, making my bed and about 42 tasks that I’m in the middle of.

🔥🔥Today It feels like EVERY area of my life is crumbling. 🙄

so what I’ve chosen to do first is take myself to the gym to allow the energy to flow & then remind myself of every area that I’m doing OK. After crying in the bathroom of course. Why the bathroom? Because the moment I go upstairs I’m now in the force field of children’s wants, needs, emotions etc..

🌈Areas I’m succeeding this week - my house is clean, I’ve been to the gym 4 days in a row, I’m self aware & biggest of all- I’m trusting the process.

Everything will be OK- I know this.

When I start feeling like this It’s usually when I’ve been giving too much of myself away. I’m not focusing on myself enough.

It’s common for many; I know I’m not alone.

When asking for a single moms time - be considerate & be understanding when she says no.

Contribute to her life don’t just take.

And for myself- remember to set boundaries, because i can’t hold someone else accountable for boundaries I didn’t set / respect myself. 💞 this is the place I’ve learned to accept that losing people is apart of the process because not everyone can accept Boundaries because it feels like a hit to their ego.


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