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Breaking Social Norms

Saturday was a good day !! Nixxon (and my nephew Blake) had playoffs! 🏈

They won their game & they’re off to championships this week !!!

I am so proud of these boys! Especially Nixx. This is his first year playing football. Naturally, he’s not very aggressive, but he’s got in there and given it everything he’s got ! 💪

He is already excited for the next season & I’m already sad this season is Coming to an end. 😭

I’m so thankful for everyone that has showed up to His games !! I’ll give you a run down of big bleachers photo.

  • Mom &dad

  • Former - step mom & step dad

  • 2 Grandmas

  • Papa

  • Great grandma

  • Grandma + his girlfriend

  • 5 aunts/uncles

  • Both of his sisters

  • 2 sets of Friends

  • 2 teachers !!

Why is this so special? Because EVERYONE is divorced. Literally everyone. Yet we can all come together for our kids!

People ask us all the time who is who & it’s hard to explain- we are all family. That’s it.

Tasmin will always be nixxons “other mom” to me. Zo will always be nixxons “other dad”.

Everyone will always be invited 🖤 thank you for showing my boy love.

Words don’t do justice the amount of gratitude I have for each of you!

#breakingsocialnorms #barefootbrinlie #nixxonbebrave

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