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Selenite benefited:

• promotes peace and calm

• provides clarity

• clears blocked energy

• helps you access your intuition

• is an effective space cleanser

• enhances powers of manifestation

• increases positive energy


I recommend using Selenite to cleanse the energy of your home, belongings, other crystals and especially your own energy. 



Candle holders are a unique decoration in the home that provides cosiness, cleanses the environment around you and harmonizes.

When candles are lit, selenite emits beautiful light.


You can use selenite for meditations or carry small pieces of it with you. Selenite bowls are mostly used to clean other crystals and jewellery.
They are good to store near electronic devices.

Selenite and especially selenite wand is most used for meditations and massages. You can keep selenite as close to yourself as possible. Choose the most convenient and enjoyable way for you to use selenite, because there is no one right, the most important thing is to feel great!

Selenite tea light candle holder