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A child in a grown up world

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Where to start with my child hood? I could probably write a book on this single subject. In bullet points. -I moved an estimated 6 times before I was 5 between 3 different states. -I have 14 siblings & have only ever lived with 3 at a time- not always the same 3 either. -My parents fought for custody & put my sister back & forth for the first 8 years of my life. -My mom was an exotic dancer. -Her security guards were some of the biggest influences in my life. -I've never been a stranger to bars & strip clubs. -I come from a long line of Entrepreneurs and an even longer line of alcoholics. but, if I didn't go through all of that in my younger life then how ever would I have won the scholarship for sharing my story in college. It's important to find the silver lining. If we aren't able to find the beauty in every situation then we become a victim to our lives. Sure, I was a child and "didn't deserve that", but I'm grateful. I'm grateful because I was never coddled, I was taught strong work ethic, I've had the opportunity to practice forgiveness my entire life through compassion, I watched addiction enough to make me never want to battle it myself & I was raised by one of the strongest woman I know. The lessons from my mom are endless. To be continued..

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