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The Story Behind The Malas


Shantel Leigh Creator Of The Malas:

At the age 6, Shantel’s Son Treyton, was diagnosed with cancer. During that time she started to create these tools as a way to create an income during the time of Treyton's first challenge with his illness. The energy of her creating her tools was a way to support herself and her son through some of their most challenging moments. When a person spends enough time with her creations they feel a sense of empowerment and inner revelations. Each of her tools are created with an intention for it's owner to connect deeper within to their empowerment to conquer any life situation. Each creation is a mini representation of her way in inspiring anyone willing to dive deeper within into self love, inner compassion and forgiveness. Treyton, continued on with his journey at the age of 10, but each one of Shantels creations holds bit of magic from both her and Treyton.

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