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Breath Work

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February 23rd,  7:00pm-8:30pm

362 E. 900 S. Salt Lake City
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Class Details

What type of breath work?

Holotropic Breath Work is a 3 part breath that you will learn. The aim is to use fast, deep breathing to help you explore your emotions and thoughts in a deeper way.

This is the perfect class for those on a personal growth and healing journey. 

We will access the mind through a specific breathing technique, music, and bodywork.

What will be provided

Organic lip balm, noise canceling heads phones & an eye mask will be provided for your comfort during the breathwork class.

* By registering for this event, you agree to be photographed and those photos to be used for all media rights.

**By registering for this class you acknowledge the following; Photos and video may be captured to be used for educational or promotional purposes. You may opt out by simply telling your instructor before class. IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS! This event is an intense healing session, please let us know if you have any of the following; Epilepsy, Pregnancy over 4 months (please communicate), Glaucoma, History of Cardiovascular Disease, Severe mental illness, Aneurysm, or Neurological Conditions

Please Bring

Make sure to bring water, a cozy blanket, a pillow for comfort, and if accessible, a yoga mat. 

You may want to bring a journal to capture and reflect on your experience post-session.

How To Prepare

Be sure that you are fed & hydrated, however I recommend refraining from eating at least an hour before the breathwork session. Your comfort and readiness are key to fully immerse yourself in this transformative journey.

Feel free to reach out to me through Instagram with any questions @barefootbrinlie. 

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