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Barefoot Brinlie

Breathwork Facilitator & Business Mentor


Hey!  Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me! I dove headfirst into the self-employed world back in 2014, wide-eyed and ready to conquer. Raised in the entrepreneurial hustle, I thought I had it all down... until reality hit. I found myself building companies, struggling to keep up, and feeling like I was on the verge of burnout.

Now, I'm excited to share the wisdom learned through my lessons in a super easy-to-digest format – it's all in my e-book, Balancing Act. From getting started, bringing your idea to life, facing the legalities & creating a presence online, consider it your ultimate guide to starting a business.

In 2018, despite having a substantial income flowing in, my nervous system took a hit. I realized business shouldn't be a grind & that it was not sustainable. After a very public collapse of my entire business & home life in 2018 I delved into understanding the nervous system and its impact, transforming my approach to business (and life)  over the last 7 years. When your nervous system feels supported so can your business.

My dream? That you feel wrapped in love, nurtured, and totally supported on your journey – whether you're diving into a breathwork class, exploring the magic of crystals, sliding into my DMs, or diving into one of my Ebooks or courses. And hey, even if you're just soaking up the good vibes here, I'm so grateful you're part of it.

Creating a safe space is my top priority. 🖤


Ready to turn your passion into profit? Snag my free ebook, Passion To Profit, today.
Welcome to a space where your journey is not just valued but celebrated.


Somatic Breathwork is the one tool that I found to actually help me release the trauma stored in my body.
If you haven’t read, The Body Keeps The Score, I highly recommend it. 

The breath is sacred. It is the first and last thing we will ever experience. 

After diving into Reiki mastery in 2014 and infusing its magic into everything I do. My journey took an exciting turn when I discovered my love for breath work at a Holotropic session, inspiring me to get certified. 

I have found a deep love for guiding breath at recovery centers as well as with families. 

Everyone has the gift of breath & I simply want to show you how to use it.


Breathe & Nourish The Soul

Work With Me


Balancing Act Ebook

If you are a woman running a online business and feeling like you are burning the candle at both ends, then Balancing Act was created just for YOU! I wrote this ebook to help balance your self-care and operating your online business.

Business Mentoring

I LOVE working with women who have created a vision and are building a business! This is something I am very selective with. It’s important that we are a good fit when working together. Please apply below.


Breath work can help decrease stress, release trapped energy, and help heal trauma stored within our body's. Whether you've done breath work before or not, you are invited to come participate at any of my breath work classes. Just click the link below to RSVP your spot.

Your breath work helped me heal some of that childhood pain. It put me in place and spiritual space to start to feel those feelings and hold them and then let them go. When you said you normally work with kids that resonated with me because I was healing and holding the 10 year old me

- Erick (Group Participant)

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